Minecraft Hackers – What They Don’t Want You to Know



I’m certain you all know very well what hackers are, right? Those little trolls underneath the connection which has had either by some miracle that is horrifying smarter or learned how to download a client online. The cheaters that are big, when angry, threaten to do things they can not possible do in order to scare both you and cause them to sound tough.

Read along as i have typed this so I am able to point out a lot of things Hackers wouldn’t like one to know.

What are Hackers?

I’m sure you all know the answer to this question.. however all of you do. Right here, I am going to undergo what a hacker can and can’t do.

First of all of the, hackers are Innocents that have either 1.) Gotten really mad at a server, 2.) made a decision to try something brand new, or 3.) wished to feel like they were powerful. It is usually a good thing to deal with your players with kindness and respect, oterwise they’ll turn into Hackers or or Skids. Both of which are really bad to have mad against your server. They will always be using Minecraft hacked clients and other various Minecraft hacks.

Hackers: They can ruin the game for everyone else. They will do whatever they can to obtain the edge of other players. Sometimes they’ll ‘be a little nice’ and turn down a few hacks making it a little fair for others, but either way they must be Jailed or IP Banned at the earliest opportunity. A warning that is little. Hackers CAN bypass bans. They have their techniques, either to change their Account or even to change their IP. Either way you ban them, you can be sure that they are probably planning to come back. They can additionally call onto friends or a Minecraft that is general Hacking in some forums. If you ever notice that more individuals are joining your server and it generally does not seem like similar guy, it’s probably a hell lot more safer to make off your server for several days… either you’ll face some HCreaters or Hatters that want a little fun.

Skids: They’re basically Hackers that (believe) they can do a little Hollywood Hacks. Be warned, since these are very similar to Hatters and will be confused sometimes. If it’s a skid, they’ll threaten to DDos you, sue you, take your server offline, etc. Since they’re additionally ‘hackers’, they – just as easily – can ask for more Hackers or Skids to participate your server. BUT!!.. They can also be Hatters.

Hatters: you almost certainly won’t see Hatters that is many if you do don’t get a Hatter and a Skid confused. It’s not hard to. A Hatter will take down your server if they can, which causes hosting issues for your server and causes you to have to pay more cash in your next bill if it goes over the limit. Should they’re an even more famous Hatter, and they’re really *Removed* off they can go as deep as finding your phone number at you.. Let’s just say. Think of whatever they can do with that.. how many other things they could do….

HCeators: These are basically the Plugin Developers.. but for Hacked Minecraft clients. They are mostly checked up upon, given the name of a “God” or a*” that is”*Removed. Almost every one of the time, they know PHP, Java, HTML5, etc and makes thousands upon a huge number of dollars per month doing IRL stuff. Just like the Hatters, their profession is Hacking. Their profession is finding new stuff to do if i said… I’ve seen it first hand with minecraft, doing stuff you probably wouldn’t believe me. The dude was holding a miniature Steve in their hand! In a survival server!! Crashed my game seconds later, but I saw it..

Now.. for the moment you have all been waiting for…

Things a hacker can and can’t do

What they don’t want you to know..

ForceOP: ForceOp is a theory that some people believe exist. It’s supposedly a program that can give you Op Permission on any server, kicking everyone from the server, banning anyone, etc. First of all.. It does not exist and never will exist. Think of this to yourself; If a ForceOP existed, why hasn’t anyone used it to get op on Hypixel and blow up the map? Why hasn’t anyone got on my server and banned me yet? No matter how much a Skid tries to search for it, there is and will never be a ForceOP. But.. There have some similar cases. I’ll talk about them later..

“Reach Hack”: Please, for the love of god, use the plugin NoCheat. Although it gives some Hackers a few more creative things they can do, it stops them from hitting players 5-6 blocks away. Just throwing this in.

Item Spoofer: You heard me, an Item Spoofer. With this, a player could be holding nothing in his hand and break obsidian within a few seconds. All this does is tells the server that you’re holding Slot4 instead of Slot1. How it works.. how to explain it.. They hold a PickAxe in their hand and enable ItemSpoofer. Now, whatever item they switch to, as long as the PickAxe stays in that same hotbar the server will always show them holding the pickaxe. Now they can eat food, Soup, shoot a bow (They can’t really shoot a bow, this is just an example), etc. This is nearly impossible to catch a player doing.. just keep your eye out if the player is placing blocks while holding a shovel, or eating steak while holding a bow.

Blink: Be warned, this is probably the newest hack out there in Minecraft that people don’t know about. What it does is tell the server that you’re lagging. Whenever you move in Minecraft, every inch sends a packet to the server saying “I am now moving to x3y60z4 I am now moving to x4y60z4.3 I am now moving to x5y60.4z4.6”. Blink basically stops their client from sending those packets and “records” it, then when they disable it they quickly tell the server all of that stuff within a second. By doing this, on your screen it looks like they lagged REALLY badly. By doing this, they can “blink” behind you and you won’t even notice them walk there. It’s so fast, it almost looks like a teleport. Say, Hacker is a x4. He activate blink. He now walks to x10, drops his sword, and walks back to x4. What did you see? Nothing. You just saw a sword get dropped 6 blocks away from Hacker, but you have no idea where it came from. That’s how fast it is. Watch out, Corner Trapping doesn’t work anymore.

Damage Bypassing: This is a new-ish little bypass trick for Nocheat. By taking damage, a Hacker can fly a short amount of damage. If taken enough damage, he could fly about 50 blocks. On a Nocheat server. They can also “step” up blocks.. execpt, he can step up about 8 blocks high. Doing this bypass, they can glide, fly, step up, and even teleport short distances on a NoCheat server. This will never be able to be patched. Your server isn’t fully protected…

Anticheat: Get this.. Even the most simple Hacked Clients now have a hack called “Anticheat”. Doing this, they can bypass every Anticheat check. If your server has AntiCheat, I recommend switching to NoCheat. Now. Anticheat doesn’t do anything anymore.

Phase: A note, Hackers can only do this if the server has NoCheat. Phase is a hack in almost every Hacked Client that abuses a flaw in Nocheat. The Hacker teleports a little bit into the ground, and Nocheat teleports him back. If he were to, say, quickly teleport through a door and down a block so fast that Nocheat didn’t see it, Nocheat will teleport him back up.. on the other side of the door. By doing this, players can go through (and inside of) any Transparent block. Chests, steps, cobblestone fences, iron doors, etc. All Hackers can walk through and inside of them. Sometimes, if you’re messing with an HCreator, he might be able to go through about 3-4 blocks thick of obsidian.. be careful.

Crashers: These are real, but the server needs specific things for it to happen. Most Hacked Clients have hacks that can let them spawn in items if they’re in creative. They can spawn a diamond without going to the creative menu.. then they can give the diamond level 127 enchant for every enchant.. then they can rename it to YOLO and other stuff. There’s an Item in minecraft that crashes your client if it’s dropped or if you open a chest with it in it. They removed the image for the item so now it doesn’t crash them. Now they can spawn the item in and crash anyone in a creative server. The item is some type of flower.. that’s all I know. There’s also a crasher that works for every Pure Vanilla server. All it does is teleport about 400000 blocks a few times, the server can’t handle it and it completely crashes for up to an hour.

Other: HCreators are creative, and there’s a lot of creative things you can do with Minecraft. From placing an item that crashes your client, to finding an exploit that shows you the coordinates of every single faction in a server.. They’ve done it before, and they’re doing it now. Climbing up ladders x5 fast, running 20 blocks a second, turning their head completely inside out, all of these I have seen HCreators do on NoCheat servers.

BungeeCord¬†Exploit: Simple enough. If you use BungeeCord and it’s not configured properly, any player can join your Creative/PVP/Vanilla/Factions server since it’s in Offline mode. And since it’s in Offline mode, they can join with any username.. including yours, Owner.

How to prevent hackers:

1.) Install Nocheat.
2.) Install an Invisibility plugin like VanishNoPacket.
3.) Wait for better plugins..

There’s currently no check for Blink, Phase, Damage Bypass and a few other. There’s no fix for it, and there probably won’t ever be.